What is a Cuckoldress?

honeyThe term cuckoldress is often used to describe a hot wife; a happily married woman who enjoys intimate relations with other men, with her loving husband’s full and genuine support, but where he typically agrees to be completely monogamous with his wife. Both spouses derive satisfaction from the wife’s extramarital pleasures. The husband is not necessarily submissive, although the wife may relentlessly flaunts her “infidelity” in front of her husband. However, it is almost inevitable for him to become a submissive.

It is understandable that this arrangement can appeal to women with a polygamous nature but it is far from obvious why so many husbands are genuinely into this seemingly unfair arrangement. The husband maybe turned on or may accept by his wife’s adultery compulsorily. Whether this happens as part of a threesome where she has sex with her lover or if the husband is not present during her adventure, waits impatiently for his wife to come home from her date so at least he can make oral sex. You are forgiven if you wrongly believe that the hotwife reaffirms to him that only he can truly satisfy her sexually. Instead, if she has to talk about this, she talks about his inediquacy. Her husband must learn to get more excited the more the wife enjoys her extramarital lovers! When the hot wife is back with her husband, she will often graphically describe the intensity of the orgasms she has just experienced with another man or men.

The wife’s sexual pleasure should not be confused with her romantic feelings – she is only in love with her husband. To minimize the risk that she develops a romantic interest in a lover, the couple has typically agreed to certain rules so that she for example only sees the same lover a few times, that there is a significant age difference, and that her lovers never are part of the couple’s regular social, professional or family circles.

If Hot wife relationship is first suggested by the man, if he ever gets enough courage to overcome his embarrassment and bring it up with his wife. The wife tends at best to react with complete amazement, at worst with severe hostility – even if she herself has fantasized about being with other men. She does so for good reasons: she suspects that her husband has some other sinister reason for asking. Does he feel guilt because he has cheated on her? Doesn’t he love her anymore? Is he suggesting this as a first step to later justify that he should have the right to be with other women?

Little does she know that the husband’s thought of his own wife having sex with another man is a result of his love. If a man sees that he is unable to satisfy his wife and if he realy loves her and save the relationship, he does this sacrifice.

It is one of life’s ironies that men with hotwives often become very committed to themselves being faithful the more promiscuous their wives are. The husband typically finds his wife sexier than ever before – even when they first met – and the excitement of competing for his own wife highly erotic and exciting.

There are accounts from wives that upon becoming hotwives, not only did they experience great sex and fun, but their males became more loving and romantic and started to take a greater interest in household duties – classical actions to gain affection. Few wives can even in the slightest imagine that her husband possibly could be the type who would greet her with a passionate kiss in the early morning as she comes back to a picked-up house, knowing full well that his wife has just spent hours in bed being pleasured by one of her lovers! Now, before too many wives get their hopes up – only a minority of husbands – although a sizeable minority – would react in this way. And most husbands even in this minority will feel jealousy. So, the husband’s complete trust in his wife is fundamental for him to accept a cuckoldress arrangement.


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