The Cuckold Lifestyle

Perhaps you’ve seen her at the clubs on a Friday night. She’s a beautiful woman, mature, in control, and dressed to kill. You notice that her flirting has made her the center of attention and she is completely un-intimidated by the group of guys who are taking a strong interest in her. You then realize that her left hand, which is rubbing the crotch of one gentleman, wears a wedding band and an engagement ring. Her right ankle, which is softly rubbing against the leg of another man, wears a single ankle bracelet. As she makes her way out of the bar, escorted by new friends, you notice that she smiles knowingly to a gentleman who had been watching the whole scene from afar…her husband.

The hot wife lifestyle is one in which the husband accepts a wife who freely engages in sexual encounters with other men. The dynamics of this type of relationship vary widely, however most of the time the relationship will follow one or more of these patterns:

Cheating wives
The husband knowing that his wife is “secretly” cheating on him. In many cases the wife is unaware that the husband has discovered the affair. For fear of endangering their relationship, the husband will make no mention of his knowledge of her activities and in some cases, may secretly derive pleasure from finding clues of her infidelity. The ultimate pleasure for this type of cuckold is to be able to secretly witness the affair in action.

Full participation
The husband is publicly aware of his wife’s activities; may or may not encourage them. In some cases the husband watches from afar while his wife puts on a show just for him by flirting, kissing, heavy petting, and more with other men. In other cases the husband joins in on group sex activities. Most of the time these activities involve multiple men pleasing the wife, but occasionally other women are involved.

Humiliated husbands
In most cases the husband feels humiliated in having his wife have sex with other men or his wife humiliates him for not being man enough. Actually, a small amount of humiliation is a must for Cuckold Lifestyle. This assures cucks devotion and comitment to his wife and guarantees the permanance of Cuckold Relation and the Liberation of women. A humiliated hubby can never oppose his wife and never want her to stop seing other men. Humiliations reminds him his inediquacy and this leads submission and acceptance.
you-can-sniffIn this type of relationship wife’s “hot wife” status may also become public knowledge to friends. In some cases the wife’s lovers claim exclusive rights to sexual acts with the wife or the wife will withholds certain sexual acts from the husband based upon the husband’s poor sexual prowess or small penis size.

Cum queens
Some women find it extremely exciting to recieve oral sex from their S.O after one or more (or many!) men have left their cum inside them. This is called creampies
This shows men’s commitment and prevent her from feeling guilt. Though some women like the power of making their cucky clean them after having sex with other men.

Humiliations (including sissification), creampies and participation are parts of a succesfull. Cuckold Lifestyle.


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