Enjoying Feminity

Being a hot wife is more than just looks, however; it’s also how you act.

1. In a situation where you are trying to catch a man’s eye; make sure to make plenty of eye contact with him and smile.

2. Show lots of leg. Cross and uncross your legs and bounce the top leg on the lower one, perhaps pointing the toe of your shoe. If you find that you are very attracted to him, eventually let the skirt ride high enough so that he can see that you are wearing stockings and garters. In clubs a woman wearing stockings and garters is taken as a sign that she is there to get fucked. And of course you are – by your husband that night – but no one else knows that.

3. Apply and reapply lipstick. Men want to see signs that you can’t wait to suck a cock and lipstick is a great way to send that signal.

4. Never miss the opportunity to drop something and bend over – from the waist, never bend your knees. (That’s what those expensive sessions in the gym are for.)

5. When dancing (probably the closest you can get to having sex in public), move your lover’s hands to your ass and press close to him during slow dances. If you can feel his cock, he can feel your tits. Don’t be shy about letting everyone see you come on his finger. With other guys, let them handle the merchandise knowing just exactly what they can’t have. Fast dances give you the opportunity to whirl and twirl and flash your pretty panties or your prettier pussy if you’re not wearing any.

6. If a man puts his hand up your dress; whisper in his ear and ask if him if he would like you to remove your panties.
7. If he compliments your dress; tell him you wore it hoping to meet a man like him. Never miss an opportunity to tell him how sexy he is and how sexy and feminine he makes you feel.

8. Don’t hesitate to flirt with other guys, even when with your hubby. (But don’t give up teasing your hubby while doing that. Secretly, rub up against him, nibble his ear). But for the onlookers, demonstrate to how eager you are for sex.

you-can-look9. Never allow your hubby to fuck you but use him to satisfy your sexual needs oraly.

10. Take your husband shopping for sexy clothes and underwear; modeling them is lots of fun. Tease him “Does this show off my titites too much?” “Do you think this skirt is too short?” “Shall I look sexy?” “Do you think my lover/guys at the bar etc. will like it?”

A final word on age. You are never too old to become a hot wife.


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