Cuckold Basics

March 16, 2009

Cucks provide support and moral for the slut. They are the constant companion of the cuckoldress. They share their lives and make their daily chores of living go smoothly and easily.

A Bull will Seed and sexually satisfy his slut. But her cuckold is there when the bulls goes away to give his Mistress that emotional support and love she needs as a female.

It is the cuck that sees to her care, comfort and does her bidding.

The cuck is the life partner of the woman. The cuckold shares the life of the woman, make her feel safe and loved.
The cuckold does the chores at home and serves her, helps her with children if any.
The cuckold lets her know the world is alright until her bull returns to service her.

Some cucks have trouble accepting their women have gone to bigger cocks and better men. But usually cuckolds accept their situation because they know and accept that they can’t satisfy their women.

In time, they learn to get great excitement and satisfaction seeing their woman getting fucked by real men with big dicks, getting to clean out the cumm after and eat pusy when the woman demands.

Sometimes they just need their Mistress to reassure them of their place and commitment, other wise they may need their Mistress to become more get-use-to-itdominant (beat or humiliate them or use the chastity) to settle down and be happy.